Andy Goldsworthy

ice arch
left to freeze overnight
before supporting pile of stones removed
(made in a field of cows - tense wait)
pissed on stone too frozen to come out
fourth attempt successful
other three arches collapsed or melted
Brough, Cumbria
1-2 December 1982

from his diary: "Visable from long distance - attracted someone from long way - good to show it.
Went back later to draw it - arrived just in time to see a very old man knock it down
with a gun - sad." :'c

Ruby Chisti

blemishes of time II (2009)
resin and farbic filled with cotton

Works by Patti Jordan
Done with ink and graphite on paper.

"Lap Wing"


"Bone Picker"

"Tongue Lasher"


Allison Schulnik, Mound.

Every time I think I'll go to bed I find something even better.
Why does art seem so great tonight.

Paul Housley

Infinitely amused by these.

Tom LaDuke

You're Like Me
2010. Oil and acrylic on canvas over panel, 75 x 100 inches

Young Love 
2010. Oil and acrylic on canvas over panel, 40 x 60 inches

A Gothic Plot
2009. Oil and acrylic on canvas over panel, 60 x 80 inches

( I don't really understand the technicality of this ... transparent canvas? )

Leanne Eisen

I can't bring myself to hate the wedding of art and technology. 

Flower Demons



Catherine Heard

"Siamese Twins" 1992

"Casebook Series" 1993

"Efflorescence" (detail of installation) 1997

Compagnie Marie Chouinard


Morbid Synesthete's Wet Dream

Poems, Various
Steven Shearer
Huge fucking drawings.

I'm specifically hunting for the one we saw, Trina. It had a line of alliterations, soft F, lavender words. In the top half.